Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost, are there any extra or hidden costs? is a completely free property portal. There are no costs for property owners or agents to post properties. All leads that ©favoriterent may send are also at no cost. For visitors to ©favoriterent, there are no membership fees or other cost. There is not even a requirement to register an account. Completely free for everyone.

What kind of real estate can be listed on

Pretty much any kind of residential property can be listed on ©favoriterent; – apartments, detached homes, townhouses, condos, semi’s etc.

Who can post a listing on

Real estate agents, private or professional property managers, basically anyone with real estate property to rent.

How long will my property be listed on

Until the property is rented. Simple as that!

Do you have listing statistics available?

Yes, ©favoriterent provides listing statistics so you can assess the level of interest in your rental listing on To view your listing statistics, just log in to your account dashboard with the username and password. You will see statistics for the number of “Hits” (Number of Times Clicked) your listing has received.

Can real estate agents call or email me about my listing?

Since your listing on provides a means of contact, theoretically a real estate agent browsing ©favoriterent could see your listing and contact you about your property. While we cannot stop an agent from contacting you, we do provide an area for you to indicate if you accept contact from real estate agents with a message such as; “No agents please”, or if you do welcome agent inquiries, you could add a message such as “Agents – 2% commission for qualified tenant”. The choice is up to you whether you would like to find your own tenant and save all the commission, or negotiate with agents on a commission rate acceptable to you for a qualified tenant.